Tapping the Ancient Realm of Sacred Geometry
Juan Pedro Bercial
Saturn’s Hexagon: a general view (left) and a closer image with artificial colours (Photos: NASA)
When the Voyager probe passed by Saturn it took some shocking images of the North Pole of Saturn, which has a clear hexagon.
This has a relation to Theosophy and Judaism, as the Star of David is one of the emblems in the theosophical movement and the flag of Israel. This is also supported by the fact that Saturday (Saturn’s day) is the holy day of the week for Jews. [1]
Moreover, hexagonal geometry is fundamental to life, both organic and inorganic. The bases in DNA, A, C, T, G, are hexagonal, and many biochemical molecules are also hexagonal. The bees (sacred to the Egyptians and present in Masonic symbolism) have hexagonal cells in their hives. It is the most efficient structure – honeycomb –  in terms of weight and firmness, which of course has been copied in aerospace engineering and material science in nanomaterials. Snowflakes have also hexagonal geometry, and other cases in nature.
Conventional science is aware of this correspondence, yet not aware of the metaphysical relationships.
Chemistry is sacred geometry in disguise, and perhaps the visions of shamans are biochemical insights and the reason why symbols may have that occult knowledge. A biochemical resonance, or using theosophical terminology, the law of correspondence. Pythagoras has this hermeneutical aspect in his name. Pythons were the maidens in Delphi who divined.
Hermeneutics is about pattern recognition, decoding.  Mathematics are a key for this endeavour (both Numbers and Geometry).  Once one taps into that realm of symbolism and Sacred Geometry, one can see the Laws of Harmony, Correspondence, and Cause and Effect, integrated in the “music of the spheres”.
Do we resonate with symbols because our own chemistry is symbolic? All the atoms in the Universe are connected, and this unfathomable connexion is projected on to the material plane in a precise mathematical way that can be represented symbolically.
[1] See “The Fire and Light of Theosophical Literature”, Carlos Cardoso Aveline, The Aquarian Theosophist, 2013, 255 pp., chapter 28, “The Bright Side of Saturn”.
The above article was first published at the January 2015 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 5-6.
Juan Pedro Bercial, MSc in Pure Mathematics (Geometry), PhD (Materials Science) has researched and published in the fields of Singularity Theory and Fracture Mechanics at the University of Liverpool (UK). He currently teaches Mathematics at a College in the North West of England. A student of esoteric philosophy, Juan Pedro is an associate of the Independent Lodge of Theosophists.