Strengthening the Purpose of One’s Soul
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
I reject any attachment to personal feelings, except the feeling of inner peace.
The main purpose of a pilgrim illuminates and organizes the facts of his life, and reveals to him their real meaning, according to the level of wisdom and experience he has attained already.
This is why his purpose in life must be spiritual. He has to be a friend of eternity, if he wants to make real progress. 
The physical body, a loyal tool, is serene. I don’t desire or expect anything on the short term: I say thanks instead.
Free from short-sighted desire, one’s spiritual purpose attains a silence that is both brief and immense. One of my protections is the habit of rejecting falsehood.
In the territory of noiselessness I find the absence of any time that can be measured or described. The eternal source of plenitude is here.
The sound of silence contains the music of the spheres, and makes the brilliance of knowledge flow without borders.
I observe therefore the strength of the spiritual soul. I tune in to her. Her purpose is my purpose. I elevate myself, I purify and simplify my life, and work in harmony with the highest in everything.
Om, Shanti. Om. Namaste.
The above prayer was published in the websites of the Independent Lodge of Theosophists on 12 November 2023. It is also available in Portuguese language: “Para Meditar Dois Minutos”.  
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