A Moment of Reconciliation With All Beings
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Christmas’ season brings about a reunion that occurs on the plane of the soul, in the territory of justice and goodness. The celebration provokes a rediscovery of the past, a new vision of persons and feelings, a re-examination of the sacred future.
How was our vision of the times to come, one year ago? And how is it going to be within another twelve months?  Christmas expands the emotional consciousness. It widens ones thoughts, it demands ethics and awakens spirituality. The celebration of the unity among all beings occurs above all in honest souls, because only they can live deeply enough to experience union.  Love never part ways with sincerity, and no lie can understand universal friendship.
Christmas is a state of mind, and does not start in the second half of December. One must get ready in advance for the door that leads to the New Year. The preparations are an essential part of the celebration. Christmas must be experienced slowly, starting long before its formal moment occurs. The end of the 12 months’ cycle puts us in touch with eternal time.
From this magic corner in the street of Duration, we can see past and future pages of life’s evolution. The proximity of the meeting with boundless time at the end of the year increases the anxiety of many. There is an uneasiness in the soul, beneath the surface of social celebrations. To him who is at peace with eternal time, the last days of the cycle bring a lesson of peace.
Christmas time is an experience of inner reconciliation with all beings, and with all epochs in time. It takes place in harmony with the law of justice.  Every individual generally harvests in accordance with what he has sown. The way ahead is the path of responsibility: one must accept the facts. Christmas preaches detachment and the acceptation of loss as a condition to be humble, and to be happy.
Don’t ask therefore who is going to be born on Christmas. You, yourself are to be reborn on Christmas, and Ethics must be born, too. Get ready for that. Jesus is a symbol of your own soul and of the souls of all. Be truly born again on every Christmas, spiritually, and you will be able to be born again each morning.
The article “Don’t Ask Who Is Born at Christmas” was published on the associated websites on 25 August 2020. An initial version of it is part of the November 2018 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 01-02. There was, in the Aquarian, no indication as to the name of the author.