The opening text of this edition was written by a theosophist born under Capricorn, the zodiacal sign of discipline and method:
A Commitment to the Soul”.
Page two brings you “A Few Words on Discipline and Responsibility”, by Rohit Mehta.
Helena Blavatsky writes on the higher levels of Yoga: “The Story of Captain Seymour”. On pages five and six we present you with a few paragraphs from I. K. Taimni: “In True Yoga, A Broad Viewpoint is Needed”. After that, “Two Fragments on Raja Yoga: Self-Responsibility and Self-Confidence”, by Yogi Ramacharaka.
Other topics in this edition:
* Thoughts Along the Road – a Calm View of Things Allows Us to Save Time;
* Lawrence Kohlberg – the Stages of Ethical Consciousness;
* The Writings of an Eastern Master – 22 – every student must be independent, and blind belief in an external god is an obstacle to that;
* Philosophy of Life and Stability; and
* “The Disappointed”, a philosophical poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox (many are the songs for famous heroes).  
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