The October edition opens with “Prayer of Peace – a Short Meditation to Expand Inner Harmony”. In its lines we read:
I say thanks to my physical body, because it works night and day for my well-being and health.
The material organism is intelligent. It heals itself. It recovers equilibrium. It is the nearest one among my friends, and I must take good care of it.
On page two we have “The Yoga of Theosophy”. On page three, “Inner Balance: Karma, Perception and Duty”. Page four presents The Alchemy of Creativeness”. 
Other topics in the edition include:
* Thoughts Along the Road – Self-knowledge, Discipline and a Sense of Justice Are Central in the Art of Living; 
* The Writings of an Eastern Master – 19: a Compilation of the Letters of Blavatsky’s Teacher;
* Ten Chapters from The Book of Tao; and
* Of Sermons Through Stones – Two Letters From a Master to Laura Holloway.
The 18-pp. edition includes a List of the New Items in our associated websites.
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