The Dawn of a New Civilization
Joseph Rodes Buchanan
Dr Joseph Rodes Buchanan (11 December 1814 –
26 December 1899) and his wife Cornelia Buchanan
Editorial Note:
In an article on Psychometry, Helena
Blavatsky wrote that the honour of discovering
Psychometry “is due to Professor J.R. Buchanan,
M.D., an American anthropologist of eminence
and a fellow of our [Theosophical] Society.”[1]
Blavatsky refers to Buchanan a number
of times in “Isis Unveiled” and elsewhere. [2]
Readers should take into consideration that
the “Manual of Psychometry” has three parts,
each part having its own numbers of pages.
Thus parts II and III start numbering their pages
from zero, as shown in the Table of Contents.
(Carlos Cardoso Aveline)
This volume has been somewhat hastily prepared, to fulfil the promise recently made to the public of a MANUAL OF PSYCHOMETRY – a work to introduce the subject to the general reader – not an elaborate memoir for scientists, which need not be offered until it is called for.
Public opinion on philosophic subjects is always shallow, superficial and erroneous, until the thought of the best thinkers has enlisted the co-operation of the leading minds.
[1] “The Soul of Things” an article by H.P. B., in “Collected Writings”, H. P. Blavatsky, TPH, USA, volume IV, 718 pp., see p. 555.
[2] See for instance pages 54, 63-64, 86-87, 182, 330, 332, 462-463 and 500 in “Isis Unveiled, Volume I”. Other references to Buchanan’s work will be found at the “Collected Writings” of H.P. Blavatsky, TPH, volume XV, p. 85.
The book “Manual of Psychometry”, 1893 edition, was published in the associated websites on 28 September 2019.
See the book “Moral Education: Its Laws and Methods”, by Joseph Rodes Buchanan, and Helena Blavatsky’s article “Moral Education, by Prof. Buchanan”.