Two Letters From a Mahatma to Laura Holloway
A Master of the Wisdom
An Editorial Note
The following text reproduces Letters
II and III to Laura Holloway, in “Letters
From the Masters of the Wisdom”. [1]
In transcribing Letter II, we divided the
text in smaller paragraphs in order to make
it easier to read it in a contemplative way.
Letter II
How can you know the real from the unreal, the true from the false? Only by self-development. How get that? By first carefully guarding yourself against the causes of self-deception.
And this you can do by spending a certain fixed hour or hours each day all alone in self-contemplation, writing, reading, the purification of your motives, the study and correction of your faults, the planning of your work in the external life.
These hours should be sacredly reserved for this purpose, and no one, not even your most intimate friend or friends, should be with you then. Little by little your sight will clear, you will find the mists pass away, your interior faculties strengthen, your attraction toward us gain force, and certainty replace doubts.
But beware of seeking or leaning too much upon direct authority. Our ways are not your ways. We rarely show any outward signs by which to be recognized or sensed. Do you think ____ and ____ and ____ have been counselling you entirely without prompting from us. As for U. [2], you love her more than you respect her advice.
You do not realize that when speaking of, or as from us, she dares not mix up her own personal opinions with those she tells you are ours. None of us would dare do so, for we have a code that is not to be transgressed.
Learn, child, to catch a hint through whatever agency it may be given. “Sermons may be preached even through stones”. Do not be too eager for “instructions”. You will always get what you need as you shall deserve them, but no more than you deserve or are able to assimilate. ….
And now the battle is set in array; fight a good fight and may you win the day.
Letter III
The fundamental principle of occultism is that every idle word is recorded as well as one full of earnest meaning.
I can do nothing unless you help me by helping yourself. Try to realize that in occultism one can neither go back nor stop. An abyss opens behind every step taken forward.
[1] “Letters From the Masters of the Wisdom – First Series”, edited by C. Jinarajadasa, TPH, Adyar, India, 1948, 220 pages. See Letters II and III to L. Holloway; pp. 203-205. The volume is available in our associated websites.  (CCA)
[2] C. Jinarajadasa clarifies in a footnote that this refers to “Upasika”, the word meaning “female disciple” by which the Masters often referred to Helena Blavatsky. (CCA)
The above text was published in the associated websites on 09 February 2020. It is also part of the October 2018 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 16-17.