The Bright Lessons That Come From Inner Silence
Carlos Cardoso Aveline
In silence, the soul rises to Light
As soon as a pilgrim decides to tread the path to wisdom, several additional decisions must be made that he cannot postpone.
The unfolding choices are paradoxical. They are wrapped in contrast and it makes no difference whether they involve big or small events. They are but interconnected aspects of the same inner decision. It might be helpful to see a few examples:
* If the individual wants to have a meaningful life, he must accept that it will often look like meaningless to others.
* As long as he wishes his existence to be seen as important, he must accept his life will not be authentic in fact.
* If the pilgrim’s intention is to have a comfortable and pleasant existence, he should know that his higher conscience will be ill at ease in his presence. The interaction between higher and lower self will tend to take place in painful and precarious ways. 
For the pilgrim whose goal is to live in harmony with the law of the universe, the path will be externally unstable, or probationary. While treading the uphill path, he who seeks the most elevated often has no firm ground beneath his feet. Simplicity and detachment are of the essence in having success.
The wise ones remain vigilant and preserve peace: harmony cannot be obtained by force.  When we sow it, it comes to us in secret ways, in due time. It emerges from within, sometimes before it can be noticed. It rarely shines out for the world to see.
He who wants inner peace must renounce the world of appearances.   
The essential level of life may at times produce external aspects which partially express it. Each small seed unfolds its life in creative ways as it becomes a tree. However, mere appearances cannot produce anything on the essential plane, just as the bark of a tree will not become a seed.
Small things bring us great lessons. There is a direct relation between renunciation and divine knowledge.  Every fact and chain of causes and effects is surrounded by the void. In the nothing of silence, one can see the meaning of all things. 
When the mystery of thoughtless perception takes place with the right kind of intention, it reveals the unlimited meaning of every life.  
The purpose of words coming from the Wise Ones is to produce the correct sort of silence: in it, the soul rises to Light. When there is a deep, peaceful absence of sound or vision, one’s immortal self speaks.  
The article “The Choices that Elevate the Soul” is published at the associated websites since 12 October 2021. An initial version of it is part of the June 2017 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 1-2.  It had no indication as to the name of the author.
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