Do Elites Fabricate
Crises? And What For?
James Rickards
James Rickards is an economist, former CIA adviser on strategic affairs, including
economic and financial warfare. He wrote “The Road to Ruin” and other best sellers.
One of the most influential books among global power elites in the past 10 years is “Shock Doctrine: the Rise of Disaster Capitalism”, by Naomi Klein, published in 2007. The shock doctrine is an essential concept for understanding how power elites such as central bankers, finance ministers and the ultra-rich work behind the scenes to advance their agendas. It’s also how today’s world could quickly turn into the dystopian 2024 which I describe above. [1]
Shock doctrine is simple. Political leaders use crises to ramrod policies into place no one would accept in normal times.
The shock doctrine begins with the fact that power elites have agendas that take decades or even centuries to implement. These agendas include things like world money, global taxation, control of physical gold, population control and other plans intended to increase the power and wealth of the few at your expense. Political elites are not fools. They understand that their agenda is highly unpopular. They also understand that democracy empowers everyday citizens and makes their unpopular plans hard to implement. This is where the shock doctrine comes in useful.
A shock can take many forms. It can be a financial panic, terror attack, natural disaster, assassination or other extreme event of a kind that seems to come out of the blue but is actually somewhat regular and predictable. When the shock occurs, people become fearful [2] and look to their leaders for comfort. People begin to value order above liberty. It is at these critical moments that the elites stand ready with a “plan” that will restore order but also secretly advance their agenda.
In effect, inevitable shocks are used as a cover to implement plans that you would not accept in ordinary times. Order is restored at the expense of liberty. When the shock wears off, the new order remains but liberty is lost forever. This is the shock doctrine at work. After each episode, the elites retreat and wait for the next shock, which is always just a matter of time.
[1] Regarding James Rickard’s 2024 dystopia, see the article “The Power of Life”. (CCA)
[2] Or angry at some prefabricated “public enemy”, since the people can be emotionally manipulated by the big media, which are manipulated on their turn by money and political power. (CCA)
The above article was published as an independent item in the associated websites on the 3rd of September 2022.  It was reproduced from the book “The Big Drop”, by James Rickards, 2015-2016, copyright Agora Financial, Laissez Faire Books, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 289 pp., see pp. 5-6. A shorter version of the above fragment from Rickard’s book is included under the same title “The Shock Doctrine” in the March 2022 edition of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, pp. 4-5.
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